Slip and falls can entitle victims to compensation under Connecticut law

Under Connecticut law, when people are injured by the negligence of others, they are typically able to recover compensation for all of their accident-related injuries. Consequently, if your slip and fall was the result of the negligence of the person or party responsible for the maintenance and safety of the place where your accident occurred, you will likely be able to obtain money damages. Some examples of slip and fall hazards that are often the result of negligence include:
Whether negligence caused these or any other hazardous conditions is often a legal question, which is why it is absolutely critical that anyone involved in a slip and fall accident have their case reviewed by an experienced lawyer immediately. In the event that your slip and fall accident was caused by negligence, you will likely be able to recover any losses that you experienced as a result of your accident, including :

You should be sure to retain an experienced attorney to represent you before accepting any settlement offer you receive from the other party’s insurance.